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Have a front door that’s a little beat up from wear and tear? 

A front door makeover can make a huge difference in the look of your home. The project can be a bit of a challenge, though it can really give your home a completely different look if you put some thought into colors that might work well with your home and style.

Paint Colors Dallas
Paint Colors


Anytime you’re going to do a home project, you can start by taking a photo and photoshopping different color and other options to get a sense of how each may look. This gives you a far better ability to see what the finished project might look like compared to simply looking at color swatches in the store. 


The first thing to know is that you don’t necessarily even have to take off the hinges during the project. Taping off the hinges can give you some peace of mind knowing that you can rehang the door quickly if necessary and not get stuck in the project without a front door for example. 

Hinges have quite a few really strong screws to hold it in place and it’s never a great idea to take the hinges off because you can easily end up stripping the screws out upon re-attaching the hinges. 


Aside from the hinges, you will want to remove the other hardware from the door meaning the locks and door handles. This is pretty simple to do and doesn’t take too long. An electric screwdriver helps a lot in this part of the project to get the longer screws from the door handle. 


Once you take the pins out of the hinges and get the door down, it’s a great idea to clean the door and then sand down any spots where the paint is peeling or bubbling, or chipping off in me more extreme situations. Once you get all of these areas sanded down, you’ll want to fill in any cracks or dings before you paint. 


The most common process to painting a door is to start with the recessed areas before you move to the flat panels and then the remainder of the door.

Once the door is painted and you give it time to dry, you can then replace the hardware and re-hang the door back in the door frame. 

This is a pretty simple project overall if you have two people to remove the door and move it around to get it painted and obviously re-hanging it. 

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