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Top Coat Painting Exterior

Exterior Painting Dallas

Home, Office, Fence, Decks, and more!

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Interior Painting Dallas

Surface preparation, texture, stain, brush and roll, spraying, clear coats and more!

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Kitchen Cabinets Dallas

Kitchen cabinets, doors, painted to a factory finish at a fraction of the cost!

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The Dallas painter professionals at Highland Park Custom Painting deliver top quality and reliable painting services to residential and commercial customers in Highland Park and throughout the DFW Metro.

When you need interior painting Dallas or exterior painting Dallas or house painting Dallas, our professional teams will get the job done right, on time and on budget.

Whether you need a large-scale commercial facility primed and painted or a smaller painting job involving touch-ups in your home residence, our knowledgeable Dallas painting experts will work with you to produce the results you want and exceed your expectations. We have outstanding teams for painting Frisco and painters in Arlington, Tx.

Anytime you need help with DFW painters and DFW painting projects at  your home or business, contact Highland Park Custom Painting for a free estimate at: (424) 488-0878

Painting Services:



Interior Painting Dallas

Exterior Painting Dallas

Kitchen Cabinets Dallas

Fence Staining Dallas

Deck Staining & Sealing

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Wood Staining

Custom Stain and Lacquer

Color Consultation

Fences & Railings



Drywall Repair Dallas

Wallpaper Removal Dallas

Pressure Washing Dallas

Highland Park Custom Painting

Dallas Painting and Drywall Services in Highland Park and the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metro Area

Highland Park Custom Painting is located in Highland Park, Texas and operates as one of the top painting contractors in Dallas, Tx. We offer residential and commercial properties throughout the Dallas Ft. Worth Metro area. For more information, see our extended services list. Our paint and drywall teams are experts in working on new construction projects, as well as on large house renovations, office environments, maintenance work as well as specialty painting services and much more.

As one of the top Dallas painting companies, our main goal is to provide quality paint services in the Highland Park, Texas area. Our complete residential and commercial painting services for your home and office will meet all your DFW painting needs. We are a full service company Dallas painting company working on independent projects and working seamlessly with contracting teams on larger construction projects, including building new homes, growing residential additions and home expansion. Our Dallas painters are trained and experienced professionals who focus on providing high quality results while remaining within the project budget, all while maintaining high safety and customer service standards.

As property owners, our Dallas house painters understand that your home is one of the biggest investments you will make and we want to help you maintain and increase your home value, while providing an inspiring environment to make memories. We take all these perspectives into account so that we can offer you the comfort of investing in painting and the surfaces that have the most impact on the long-term integrity of your home and value. Our painters are here to meet your painting needs while taking into account your more important investment in home ownership. If you need a basic paint job or drywall repair or something much bigger like a complete remodeling, our team can do the job properly. We always strive to build ongoing relationships with our clients and always welcome referrals!

We strive to maintain a professional approach to residential and commercial painting. This approach gives us a huge advantage for our customers because they like the level of customer service we offer. We strive to meet your needs as quickly as possible and we are committed to providing you with the highest quality and high price for your money. Your satisfaction is our success!

Residential and commercial painting

At Highland Park Custom Painting we provide an extensive list of painting services: Interior and exterior paint, both residential painters Dallas and commercial painters Dallas; Kitchen cabinets, epoxy garage floors, wood coloring, special varnish, color tips, bridges, fences, railings, carpentry, drywall repairs, fence staining Dallas and more! If you don’t see a service listed, call our Dallas painting teams and we can discuss your needs.

Paint and drywall repairs

At Highland Park Custom Painting, we have built a team of DFW painting experts with the necessary skills to solve the paint problems you may experience in your home. We are a trusted Dallas painting company in Highland Park and the Dallas/Ft. worth Metro. Our goal is to provide high quality services with precision and safety. Our team is there to help you create a plan to solve the problems, or to help with other dry wall challenges, including damage to drywalls and insulation, ceilings and top surfaces.

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Exterior Painting

Does the exterior of your home or commercial building need a fresh coat of paint? Nothing improves the curb appeal of your home or the look of your commercial building like a fresh coat of paint. Call us for exterior painting Dallas!

Highland Park Custom Painting specializes in creating increased desirability of your home or business. Our Highland Park Custom Painting experts use only top quality painting and cleaning materials to ensure that your painting project gets the best possible results.

As you know, Texas weather can cause a lot of damage to exterior finishes and surfaces. From the icy Winter winds to the scorching and humid heat of Summer, we can help you restore and maintain exterior finishes to look their best while providing the best protection for your real estate investment..

Our professional exterior painting services include:

Painting of exterior siding, including vinyl, aluminum, wood and brick

Painting doors, trim, and gutters

Replacement or repair of damaged or rotten trim and siding

Power washing to remove dirt, mildew, and mold

Deck and fence painting, staining, sealing and refinishing

Surface preparation is the key to creating a long-lasting and desirable exterior finish. At Highland Park Custom Painting, we remove all peeling paint, repair damaged wood and ensure that all exposed joints are properly caulked prior to painting. We also use the best materials possible for the best results, Our experienced teams will restore a clean, uniform surface so that your new paint will stand up to the harsh Texas elements for many years to come. We will also leave you with a small quantity of paint so that you can easily match it for future projects and touch-ups.

We strive for your 100% satisfaction!

Interior Painting

Interior painting requires focus and attention to detail to get the best results. We take great care to protect your property and belongings from unintended drips and paint splattering. Our painting teams at Highland Park Custom Painting are experts at creating design focused and clean-looking interior surfaces throughout your home or office environments. Call us for interior painting Dallas!

Most of the time, our customers prefer to remove personal belongings from rooms to be painted, including pictures and photos, shelving, and any other fragile and highly valuable items. Furniture and other heavy items can usually be placed in the center of the room and safely covered. Our Dallas painter teams can help in moving and securing furniture for your convenience.

Highland Park Custom Painting provide a comprehensive list of interior painting services, including:

  • Interior surface preparation and painting
  • Texture application and removal
  • Popcorn ceiling texture removal
  • Wood staining and conditioning
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Surface damage repair
  • Drywall repairs and patches
  • Wood trim repair and/or replacement
  • Custom door staining and sealing
  • Kitchen cabinet painting, staining and sealing

Our professional interior painters will remove all outlet covers and kick plates and repair damaged drywall, including holes caused by picture and shelf hanging. We can always leave hanging hardware in place if the picture or other item intends to be re-hung in the same location.

In the case of larger drywall damages, our crews are able to repair them prior to painting. If necessary, we prime the walls and apply the paint necessary for a professional finish and result.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Are you interested in repainting kitchen cabinets without blowing your budget?

Highland Park Custom Painters are experts are cabinet painting and restoring cabinets with a fresh coat of paint, providing a professional quality finish. We use only the highest quality paint and finishes, which makes a big difference in the results.

We will work with you to realize your design vision and color schemes. Whether you are preparing to sell your home or plan to stay, there are many benefits to cabinet painting, including higher value to prospective homebuyers as well as a more desirable living space if you plan to stay.

We can help you choose the best paint for kitchen cabinets Dallas to get the results you desire. For example, you may consider painting cabinet doors a color that complements your home’s interior design, or incorporate color and styling into the hardware as well. We will also make sure that we properly prepare the surface of your kitchen cabinets before painting to prevent any peeling or flaking and to maintain long-lasting color quality. It is always our goal to make sure you are satisfied with the result.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring creates an extremely upscale  and protective surface for your garage or work space with many benefits, including:


Epoxy flooring helps to seal concrete floors that are susceptible to surface moisture and resulting damage. Moisture can be held in your garage flooring and cause an accelerated rust and decomposition of other metals stored in the space. During the epoxy process, we grind the concrete surface down to expose the air holes before applying a primer coat that absorbs into the pores of the concrete to create a seal. Once cured, epoxy flooring becomes a part of the floor itself, bonding to the concrete and not merely a coating on top. This process gives the floor the best protection possible. 

Cove Moldings:

Cove molding are like the baseboards around the area of your garage and create a seamless surface that protects your drywall and other structural surfaces from potential damage from water or other liquids that might be present in your garage.

Non-Slip Surface:

When applying epoxy flooring, we can add a non-slip or non-skid layer right into the coating to add safety to your garage area. Whether your garage is personal or commercial, non-slip surfaces bring you peace of mind from the safety it provides and adds to the usability of the space.

Concrete Repair:

Our epoxy coating process allows us to repair cracks and other issues in your existing concrete flooring. We work hard to prepare the surface for the best results by removing oil, grease and other impurities prior to sealing the surface.

Decorative / Design:

Epoxy flooring allows you to be creative by incorporating decorative chips and colors right into the surface. If you want to get creative, you can also incorporate your favorite graphics if you desire. 


Epoxy surfaces are simple to clean, inexpensive and saves labor costs in the long run. With simple tools and cleaning solutions, you can keep your epoxy flooring looking amazing for years to come!

Highland Park Custom Painting

Serving Your DFW Painting Needs in Highland Park and the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metro

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